Steve Gruber

Jan 4, 2019
The storm is close now and 2019 will not be like any political year in history.

Jan 3, 2019
Mitt Romney was happy to make his way to Mar-a-Lago when President Elect Trump called him to discuss joining his administration. He went behind closed doors to discuss the upcoming Trump White House and how he might be involved.

Dec 18, 2018
The bottom line on November 8, 2016, was that millions of Americans were disenchanted with the state of politics inside Washington, D.C., and they chose a morally suspect narcissist to fight for something new.

Dec 17, 2018
As the streets of Paris burn and guillotines are raised in the city’s public squares, a clear, yet ominous message has been conveyed to the French elite on the immense unpopularity of taxing energy.

Dec 3, 2018
Thousands of people streaming north out of Central American nations that are plagued by poverty and violence have been in the headlines for weeks now.

Nov 26, 2018
Two dozen members of Congress, all Republicans, gathered early to practice for their annual baseball game against the Democrats. Many were still a bit on the sleepy side when shots began ringing out across the diamond in Alexandria, Virginia.

Nov 15, 2018
I have asked many times to interview the president, the vice president, and various members of the current administration.

Nov 8, 2018
I am pleased to recommend "In Good Faith: Question Religion and Atheism" by Scott A. Shay (Post Hill Press, 2018) to both conservative, liberal, and emergent church Christians within our community.

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