Michael Reagan

Mar 22, 2019
Approximately one year ago we wrote of the UK government’s plan to require age verification before allowing pornography observers, consumers, viewers, or whatever you wish to call them to watch their favorite type of debauchery.

Mar 22, 2019
Democrats are so desperate to prevent a second Trump term that their mob of 2020 presidential wannabes are throwing out every dumb, out-of-the-box or unconstitutional idea they can think of to stop him:

Mar 19, 2019
These individuals are, like Paul Manafort, being investigated solely because they have or had an association with President Trump. They are a “group of persons” singled out for a “trial by legislature.”

Mar 15, 2019
Christian intolerance in the United States hasn’t reached Chinese levels, yet, but there is a rudimentary “social credit” system, as is found in China, and being an obvious Christian doesn’t help your score.

Mar 15, 2019
The massive college admissions scam, where rich and famous people in California are being charged with cheating and paying bribes to get their kids into top colleges, is only the tip of what is said to be a really dirty iceberg.

Mar 12, 2019
Bible-believing Christians know the wages of sin is death, but the Bible is unclear on the wages of incompetence. One indication that incompetence tends to be expensive comes from the Associated Press.

Mar 9, 2019
In an interview with NPR Ethan discussed his transformation from obedient child of anti-vaccine parents to mildly rebellious and inoculated public-spirited citizen.

Mar 8, 2019
The tear-jerk liberal media are still mostly worried about whether the caravans of illegal immigrant families from Central America seeking asylum are being welcomed warmly and taken care of properly by our government at the border.

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