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Mar 4, 2019
Is America really the source of the world’s ills? Sadly, almost half of all voters agree with that assessment.

Dec 20, 2018
It’s time the D.C. insiders, Never Trumpers who have spent the last two years boxing out the loyal Trump supporters who helped him win the 2016 election, step aside and let us restore and broaden the Trump voter coalition to win again in 2020.

Nov 9, 2018
This is the analysis from our post-election poll. For 2020 with so many Democrats now in districts and states that President Trump won, it is time to broaden our message and base and go back to playing offense against the Pelosi, big government Democrats.

Oct 25, 2018
Every 2016 Trump voter needs to be asked to bring another friend or family member to vote on Nov. 6. The Republicans have a fighting chance to keep the House, but we have a week to go.

Jan 12, 2018
As South Korea and North Korea meet for the first time in years, and as the world convenes the Winter Olympics in South Korea, after a year of nuclear testing and ICBM launches by North Korea, most Americans have a false sense of security.

Nov 15, 2017
Our latest national poll of 1,000 likely voters just completed on November 14 shows that the majority still supports “President Trump’s plan to cut taxes” 56 percent to 35 percent.

Nov 14, 2017
Since May, in our polls the president’s approval has been operating in this polarized slight negative position.

Oct 20, 2017
Voters in every region of the country approve of the tax cut.

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