Maria McFadden Maffucci

May 22, 2019
The Trump administration’s intervention on behalf of the sanctity of human life proves that Cuomo’s will can be trumped. New York doesn’t belong to Cuomo, it belongs to America, and so do its most vulnerable inhabitants.

May 6, 2019
On Saturday, May 4, New York City’s Time Square, the so-called crossroads of the world, was the vibrant scene for the mighty witness of defenders of unborn life at “Alive from New York.”

Apr 9, 2019
America needs to wake up to the brutality of “choice.”

Mar 19, 2019
We will remember the 2019 March for Life with the story and images of the boys from Covington (Kentucky) Catholic High School and the tsunami of hate heaped on them by a crazed media mob.

Feb 27, 2019
It’s an eerie feeling: Watching a drama about what goes in an abortion clinic while seated steps away from an actual abortion clinic.

Feb 13, 2019
Shortly after the scandalous photos from Governor Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook, which he now denies are of him, surfaced and created a media firestorm, Hillary Clinton joined the first Democratic presidential hopefuls to call for his resignation.

Jan 22, 2019
Lizz Winstead, comedienne and The Daily Show co-creator, now full-time abortion advocate as founder and director of Lady Parts Justice League, called for “shame on the media” Friday for not covering the January 18 March for Life.

Jan 7, 2019
Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, newly inaugurated for his third term, has repeatedly denied he has presidential ambitions, recently naming Joe Biden as his pick for 2020.

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