Larry Bell

Feb 11, 2019
Our automobile and cellphone locations are constantly recorded. Our online shopping and lifestyle interests are being tabulated and distributed to product and service agencies. Our smartphones can constantly eavesdrop and secretly pass along private information.

Feb 4, 2019
Whether to be regarded as merely a naïve technological pipedream, a serious socialist economic nightmare, or both, those proposing the Green New Deal clearly aren’t playing with a full deck.

Jan 28, 2019
Thanks to the Internet, complete strangers from across the globe may now learn embarrassingly personal or predatory things about you and your children.

Jan 22, 2019
Yes, as before, there will be business and employment winners and losers in all professions. And once again, the information revolution will likely prove that we humans will leverage our innovations to provide better lives in a better world.

Jan 14, 2019
First off, even with massive federal and state government-funded tax credit subsidies, fuel efficiency mandates and other politically-driven preferential advantages, the vast majority of the driving public-low-income consumers in particular, aren’t buying them.

Jan 7, 2019
policies, driven by unfounded climate alarmism, motivated by green crony capitalism, and embracing the vision of transforming America into a European-style socialist welfare state, should not be countenanced by any authentic Republican.

Jan 2, 2019
My idea was to offer some advice, about behavioral resolutions that will bring value to yourself, and hopefully to others as well; doing so without devolving into simplistic bumper sticker platitudes.

Dec 26, 2018
At COP24, Al Gore called the decision to create a U.N. Paris Climate Agreement regime "the single most important moral choice in the entire history of humanity." This is the guy predicting in his "An Inconvenient Truth" science fiction that a 20-foot ocean rise would flood major U.S. coastal areas.

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