Hans Baumann - Biography

Hans Baumann is an internationally known consultant and businessman. He was appointed corporate vice president for the former Studebaker-Worthington Corp. and later for Emerson Electric Co. He served in France and Germany besides lecturing in 10 foreign countries including Japan and Korea.

In 1977 he started, and later sold, his own manufacturing business, at which time he served as adviser to the Dean of the University of New Hampshire Business School. He is the author of the acclaimed books “The Ideal Enterprise-Managing by the Law of the Sphere” and “Building Lean Businesses.”

His hobby is history, and he has authored the books “History’s Secrets” and “Hitler’s Escape.” The latter served as base for the sensational History channel show “Hitler’s Escape,” which aired also in a number of foreign countries and claimed, contrary to official version, that Hitler did not commit suicide, but escaped from Berlin in 1945.

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