Fareed Zakaria

May 23, 2019
We need our own Sputnik moment, focusing the country to outcompete China. This technology strategy is far more consequential than trade talks

May 17, 2019
It is a world with more instability, less cooperation and fewer opportunities for America. And it is a direct, logical consequence of Donald Trump's philosophy of America First.

May 10, 2019
National service. The idea may be one of the few ways to bridge the vast and growing chasm in America. I was heartened to see two Democratic presidential candidates, Pete Buttigieg and John Delaney, endorse it.

May 3, 2019
Bolton believes that to protect itself and project its power, the United States must be aggressive, unilateral and militant. Bolton seems to share the worldview that animated Dick Cheney.

Apr 26, 2019
I know, I know, many argue passionately that this is not a political affair but rather a moral and legal one. After reading the Mueller report, they say, Congress has no option but to fulfill its obligation and impeach Trump. But this view misunderstands impeachment entirely.

Apr 18, 2019
The assault on central banks will not have an immediate effect. But over time, their credibility will be eroded, their effectiveness will wane, and then one day, when the next crisis hits, we will all wish we had institutions that could weather the storm.

Apr 12, 2019
Populist nationalists understand the core appeal of their ideology. Meanwhile, liberals in America still don't seem to get it. The Democratic Party continues to think that the solution to its woes is to keep moving leftward economically.

Apr 5, 2019
Despite the rhetoric around it, legal immigration in the United States is actually not that high. The U.S. had the third-lowest figure, higher only than Japan and France. Countries like Canada and Germany had more than twice as many new immigrants.

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