Alveda King

Feb 27, 2019
In light of this, I’ll be joining my goddaughter Angela Stanton King for a very special “Day of Empathy” in South Carolina on March 5, 2019. Please pray for us and join us if you can.

Feb 14, 2019
Let’s show some real love in America for a change. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Jan 31, 2019
As Executive Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn (CRU) we as a team are urging concerned citizens to pray and act by contacting our president and all governmental leaders regarding the current state of unbridled abortion that is threatening to overtake our nation.

Jan 25, 2019
In an open letter to President Trump, we as leaders in the Prolife Movement urge The Commander in Chief to declare that abortion of human babies is a national crisis.

Jan 22, 2019
Yesterday we celebrated MLK’s birthday. Several candidates announced a presidential bid yesterday. Most if not all of those candidates are pro-abortion. Today is my birthday.

Jan 18, 2019
It’s all about Agape Love. Let the healing begin.

Jan 10, 2019
Some claim that building a wall is “medieval solution” to a modern problem. The wheel is an ancient solution too. Nobody’s complaining about that. POTUS is on target.

Jan 7, 2019
The year 2019 brings an opportunity for our nation to seek God. We must not argue about politics; rather we must pray. We need to repent for our sins. We need to forgive others.

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