David Nabhan

Feb 21, 2019
To mayflies, born in summer and living no more than 24 hours, reality must seem like an unchanged and unchangeable fine and sunny day. They may not be the only creatures however whose fleeting lifespan is far too short to describe categorically.

Jan 23, 2019
The greatest debates presently taking place in earth science, biology, and chemistry, and now sadly adding psychology to the growing list, today face a gauntlet of closed-minded dogmatists who mount attacks on anything that fails to validate many politically extremist views.

Jan 3, 2019
Many ancient cultures have observed coastal roads, harbors, and embankments, even whole cities, slowly surrendering to the sea over the centuries in all parts of the world. This facet of natural history is certainly not something only known to moderns.

Dec 11, 2018
Modern scientists are listening to black holes colliding from distances too overwhelming to comprehend. How much more astonishing it would be though should it turn out that the genius of the ancient Greeks might have had it all pretty much figured out.

Nov 8, 2018
Science can be defined as the means by which future events are correctly predicted.

Oct 18, 2018
Causing matter and antimatter to touch produces the total annihilation of both, yielding 200 times more power than fusion. It is the ultimate in energy conversion.

Oct 4, 2018
What is known with certainty about the Earth’s core can be summed up in two words: very little. Earth science doesn’t have a very flattering record in choosing fact over heated opinion.

Sep 21, 2018
Science doesn’t pick sides, nor publish statements toward any of those ends. Nor does it weaken a society’s primal will to self-preservation by diminishing the deep-seated conviction in the vital necessity of its armed forces.

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