Andrew Napolitano

Jan 10, 2019
We know from the plain wording of the Constitution and from history that all expenditures of money from the federal treasury and all federal use of private property must first be approved by Congress.

Jan 3, 2019
An office pool for 2019. Happy new year.

Dec 27, 2018
What if Christmas is a core value of belief in a personal God who lived among us and His freely given promise of eternal salvation that no believer should reject or apologize for?

Dec 20, 2018
The rule of law, which the president has sworn his solemn oath to support, means that no one is above the law's requirements or below its protections. It also means that those who make law enforcement decisions have a public commitment to obeying the law.

Dec 13, 2018
The president may want the public to think that none of this troubles him. Yet the evidence of the falsity of his publicly denied proximity to Putin during the campaign and the possession of evidence by the DOJ of his pre-presidential behavior are serious.

Dec 6, 2018
Federal criminal prosecution is not beanbag. The courts have ruled many times that prosecutors, FBI agents and police may lie, cheat, threaten, intimidate, coerce, and deceive to extract cooperation and obtain evidence from witnesses.

Nov 29, 2018
Federal judges and justices have life tenure. They do not need and should not seek public approval. They should not enter public disputes, other than by their judicial rulings. By doing so, they can appear as political as those in the other two branches.

Nov 21, 2018
What if the government's true goal is to perpetuate itself? What if the real levers of governmental power are pulled by agents and diplomats and by bureaucrats and central bankers behind the scenes?

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