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Bypassing Congress was a risky play. Trump and Pompeo will need senators next month to confirm a slate of nominees for ambassador and other posts. How likely will they be to cooperate if they feel their foreign policy concerns have been ignored?
Despite the risk, thousands of brave Afghans younger than Tommy signed up to try and bring peace to their country. Many earned the trust of our soldiers and carried weapons, which they used to defended our men and women in battle. The stories are humbling.
While most of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates follow the lead of some Democratic governors, supporting infanticide and late term abortions, the major media plays down the fact that there are many blacks opposed to abortion.
If conservatives, and for the most part by default this means Republicans, are truly the party of life, we must remember life continues after birth and for some children it will require the intervention of the state.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
The guiding principle behind restitutions is that human dignity that had been revoked can be regained by punishing lawbreakers and compensating victims.
Why is virtually no one, either Democrat or Republican, talking about the longstanding importance of undocumented immigrants to our economy? It’s like government by ostriches.
By canceling the Iran deal, President Trump showed the world that the U.S. will not "honor" what it had promised the international community.
Between May 1 and May 19, it was apparent that Buttigieg took a crash course on abortion, one that lifted him above his pay grade and allowed him to opine on what science tells us.
The city of San Antonio sought to deny business owners the right to harbor their own personal, political, and religious opinion, and tried to deny a business from opening an outlet on city property solely on the basis of those opinions. That was unconstitutional
Impeachment is how a democratic republic does regicide, the dethroning and beheading of a sovereign like England's Charles I. For the left, Trump's fate is decided. The only lingering question is whether proceeding with impeachment now is premature for progressives' cause.
Look at how divided the country continues to be on the subject of abortion. Well, why not? We the people did not decide that case on that fateful day. Dissenting Justice Byron White, the only Justice appointed by JFK, said that Roe was an "act of raw judicial power."
Competition among medical providers should lower outlays, as it does everywhere else in the economy. Of course, prices should be the least of one’s worries in an ambulance, en route to an emergency room.
We need our own Sputnik moment, focusing the country to outcompete China. This technology strategy is far more consequential than trade talks
It's important to understand the bureaucratic inner workings involved when the CIA, America's foreign intelligence agency, encounters what looks like, or may be, activities that violate American criminal law.
It was acceptable for some to destroy Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation over unsubstantiated claims, and condemn anyone who didn’t automatically believe a woman. Yet, when it’s their favored politician on the hot seat, they not just look the other way.
People in the middle of that generation reached adulthood just as the economy fell into the most severe recession since the Great Depression. That recession was followed by a disappointingly slow recovery.
We don’t have the luxury of time today, and should move rapidly toward a truly effective military Space Force that secures America’s future space power leadership.
Has Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses? Should the House move toward impeachment? Is the failure to consider impeachment a tacit ratification of Trump's criminal behavior? Is there a duty to impeach? Is temporary presidential popularity a free pass to avoid legal consequences.
The Trump administration’s intervention on behalf of the sanctity of human life proves that Cuomo’s will can be trumped. New York doesn’t belong to Cuomo, it belongs to America, and so do its most vulnerable inhabitants.
Whether or not India will be successful in this complex geopolitical game would largely depend on Iran’s unconditional support. Stopping the petroleum import completely would not do India any good. An upset Tehran can retaliate.
In the midst of all the pressure from faux free market talking points, Justice Kavanaugh did the right thing, and although upsetting some in corporate America, anyone with an iPhone will benefit from his decision.
President Trump recognizes China as a "foreign adversary" that is intent on “dominating the world,” Mr. Biden insists that the Chinese communists are not even competitors.
The Constitution's once workable process for filling the most powerful powerful job on the planet has become dysfunctional. We therefore need to think about how this process could be reformed.
You’ll find a flawless musical by David Yazbek, and Robert Horn with direction from Scott Ellis in "Tootsie," at the Marquis Theater, showcasing the future of Broadway.
Rather than competing against the very businesses it regulates by creating a service that everyone will already have by the time it’s available, the Fed should kill its troubling, expensive, and invasive plan to create a real-time payments system.
Voters want a leader who will put their country, their economy, their jobs first. Someone who fights for the citizens born in their country, who work and pay taxes. Not illegal immigrants or unskilled migrants who steal jobs, depress wages, or demand social services.
The pro-life movement can't just be "pro-birth." But the mandate of life is nonnegotiable and I'm heartened to see that America is on the right track.
My guess, despite Gov. Cuomo’s tough rhetoric, he will stick with the unions as they stuck with him and overtime and work-rule "reforms" procured at the bargaining table will be mostly cosmetic not transformative.
Obama himself admitted on 20 separate occasions that he had no power to grant such amnesty. His exact words were, "I am not king. I can't do these things just by myself."
Let Ortega campaign alongside Sanders, de Blasio, and Biden in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Let the 2020 Democrats compete for the Bolshevik comandante’s endorsement.
News that Biden was seeking a "middle ground" policy approach to address climate change was red meat for Sanders, who fired back, "There is no ‘middle ground’ when it comes to climate policy," in a tweet.
Even much more disturbing is the conduct of the Obama administration officials who perpetrated what President Trump originally labelled a "witch hunt," which he now condemns as "treason."
Pay close attention to where our children are going, for once their minds are captured, our future can be easily imperiled. Here’s hoping the U.S. Senate examines the implications of HR5 before it jumps on board.
Roe gave abortion opponents one target instead of 50 states. It’s taken a while, but the battle has been joined. The losers could well be those of us in the middle. And, if there’s any justice on earth, the biggest loser of all will be Donald Trump.
If there's anything that we've learned over the past eight years when it comes to politics is that the rules are now different. This requires a new approach, one that jettisons the communications and messaging model in favor of marketing and branding.
I consider myself in debt to those who came before me and appreciate the privilege to pay them back however I can, never taking for granted the freedoms of this country and remembering to protect them.
Biden has a history of failed presidential campaigns. His first one came to an end due to a plagiarism scandal. His second one ended as the result of his having finished fifth in the Iowa caucuses.
Prosperous, capitalistic Americans now require 68 percent less land to produce a given quantity of food than we did in as recently as 1960. More natural areas can, and are, being conserved and reforested to slow, and sometimes even reverse - species losses.
I went to Yankee Stadium for a doubleheader against the Baltimore Orioles. Gleyber Torres hit three home runs, which is a very special day for any baseball player, but what made it more special for Mr. Torres was that the next day he was going to spend it with special needs kids.
Friendship enhances romantic relationships in more ways than one, given its positive impact on well-being. Couples who marry their best friends might be matches made in heaven.
Police officers now have an ally in the Oval Office who respects and admires their sacrifices, rather than second-guessing the difficult decisions they make in order to keep us all safe, and the impact has been profound.
We are facing the most significant human rights issue of our lifetimes. States like Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio, and my home state of Alabama are fighting on the front lines of a nationwide movement to protect life.
We women are joined by many Black leaders, all who are praying for nonviolent life affirming solutions for America’s race wars, destruction of our families, and an end to the violence of abortion.
Black and Hispanic Americans who have never run their own business are more interested in trying it than white Americans.
For my friends, no explanation was ever necessary; for my enemies, none would ever have sufficed. As I told the trial judge at resentencing: I always try to take success like a gentleman and reversals like a man. On to better things and brighter days.
Only a free, secular, and democratic Iran devoid of nuclear weapons can ensure an end to the Iranian threat and accelerate the long overdue process of peace and stability in the Middle East.
This past week wasn’t the best for the abortion lobby in America.
Houthi rebels, Iran’s proxies in Yemen, launched a sophisticated and coordinated drone and ground attack on a key Saudi oil pipeline last week.
My mother (and it’s Mother’s Day) knew I would be lonely and homesick and sent me a letter every single day I was at Columbia. That’s devotion. Every day.
It’s one of the few tenets of Obamacare that most Americans — even most Republicans — like.
When you compare a listing of states prepared by the Vegetarian Resource Group to a list of states by change in tax refunds there’s an interesting correlation.
With the release of the Trump “Deal of the Century” to settle the Arab-Israeli conflict growing imminent, the pace of rumors, attacks, and preemptive panicked rejections is accelerating.
Established in the 1950’s by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Eurovision attracts massive international attention as well as considerable ratings. It is estimated that this year’s contest will draw 250 million viewers worldwide.
The United Nations International Day of Light, on May 16, commemorates the first successful use of a laser. This year, there is much to celebrate.
What is it about sports that can make fast friends out of strangers, simply because of the shared experience of recalling a game, a player, or a sports moment in time?
As I spent Mother’s Day with my mother, I reflected on the hardships she faced as a Cuban refugee and how some in our nation are attempting to make the United States like those very nations that my mother and millions of immigrants fled.
Theoretically, at least, President Donald J. Trump could see something that no other president in American history has ever witnessed.
Immigration — President Donald Trump’s signature issue — will be as key to his re-election as it was in 2016.
On Tuesday Secretary of State Pompeo will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov in Sochi.
The Department of Defense has finally succumbed to modernizing pressure and sent Congress a report announcing it will end its policy of storing data in different DOD agencies and consolidate all its important data on one giant cloud repository.
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