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Wished for "reforms" are just another wheeze of the "OBushintons" to re-establish a permanent majority for their soft-left vote-harvesting declinism: the disintegration of the American state in equal opportunity self-denigration in favor of every aggrieved claimant.
On March 25, that is, exactly nine months before Christmas, Christians observe the Feast of the Annunciation, when Mary was told she would be the mother of Jesus, and he was conceived within her.
Lowering the Voting Age to 16
Approximately one year ago we wrote of the UK government’s plan to require age verification before allowing pornography observers, consumers, viewers, or whatever you wish to call them to watch their favorite type of debauchery.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
If we claim to follow Jesus, we cannot remain silent or passive when Muslims, Hindus, Jews, or members of any other faith are in need.
One would think the senior party members would be focused on better and more electable candidates. You would be wrong.
As with Mr. Trump’s previous actions relocating the U.S. embassy to Israel’s capital and withdrawing us from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, his recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights puts America first.
Thirty-six years ago, on March 23, 1983, President Ronald Reagan shook the world with an unexpected insert in a televised speech to the nation.
In 1991, Biden failed to rise to the defense of Anita Hill when she charged future Justice Clarence Thomas with sexual harassment. In the Senate Judiciary Committee, he was a law-and-order champion responsible for tough anti-crime legislation that is now regarded as discriminatory.
New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie joined a throng of Democratic presidential hopefuls Thursday in calling for an end to the Electoral College.
The record of recent years raises the question of whether a federal crackdown is a good idea in the first place. It misidentifies the root of the problem: It mostly has to do with people who are seeking out opioids for abuse, not who got addicted from prescriptions.
A good index of how sick our culture has become can be found in a New York Times editorial on March 22.
Partners focused on each other are headed in the same direction, sometimes moving even faster, but definitely headed toward the same destination. Other-focused selflessness is attractive, and beneficial to any relationship — particularly one focused on the long-term.
The disgusting, pathetic pandering of many of the Democrat 2020 presidential hopefuls to the far-left progressive movement is embarrassing and beneath the dignity of the Office they seek.
Eight states now offer legalized betting, and that number could grow to 39 within a few years. But the lack of legal betting has never stopped wagering on the outcome of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.
Not long ago, I once stood on a hillside in Africa watching young women carrying water on their backs. I only watched part of their journey and can simply imagine how much further they had to walk.
A raft of declared Democratic presidential candidates has rushed to support the idea of changing the makeup of the current Supreme Court.
The real significance of the argument over the memorial cross in Maryland goes far beyond that particular monument.
By Bill Duncan and Ryan Neuhaus
The latest big government idea to come from Elizabeth Warren is her proposal to regulate and break up tech companies.
Democrats have a valid point. As president, Donald Trump has an obligation to make clear that white nationalists have no place in American politics. The horror of Christchurch provides yet another opportunity for him to do so. So far, he has failed to take it.
With three little words, George Conway, or Mr. Kellyanne Conway as Trump refers to the man a pillow away from his longest-serving aide, dropped his devastating legal and clinical evaluation of the president for an informal one we can all grasp.
Trump once boasted that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York in broad daylight and get away with it or pardon himself. I hope this was Trumpian comedic exaggeration. If not, it is the revelation of a dangerous Nixon-like mentality.
Lately, wishing someone your “thoughts and prayers” has become supposedly meaningless — as if it is a substitute for actually doing something positive.
For over twenty-five years, I have been a writer and photographer for the World Triathlon Corporation, the company that owns IRONMAN.
Politics is not always a zero-sum game.
Many if not most of massacres in human history were made possible by the systematic "dehumanization" of the "other."
I still thank the Boss every day for the opportunity that he gave me in 1973, and I thank him for the fact that I have worked (and still work) with some of the best people in the Yankees organization.
It’s one thing to be derided because of something you said; it’s quite another to be held in contempt for something you did not.
While Hamas uses violent and brutal methods to stifle dissent within Gaza, the terror group controls and fuels organized riots on the Israel-Gaza border. Hamas also encourages infiltrations and terrorist attacks targeting Israeli civilians
We will remember the 2019 March for Life with the story and images of the boys from Covington (Kentucky) Catholic High School and the tsunami of hate heaped on them by a crazed media mob.
For the second year in a row, U.S. Catholics say they are more focused on human trafficking, poverty, and the global refugee crisis than they are on the persecution of Christians around the world.
Every Congress has a group of Members — almost exclusively freshmen — who take on the task of personally “reforming” Congress.
The Washington Post published a story with an astounding account of a private meeting on March 5 of Democratic House members held in response to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s controversial anti-Semitic statements and tweets.
According to media reports, Vice President Mike Pence is angry with Venezuela coup leader, Juan Guaido, because he promised the whole operation would be a cake walk, just like the neocons promised us about Iraq.
In the immunization/anti-vaccination debate, one thing is clear: once-eradicated diseases have made tremendous comebacks. Consequently, outbreaks are increasing throughout the world.
The same Trump critics constantly assuring us that he is an ineffective fool manage simultaneously to ascribe to him the mysterious, even miraculous power of controlling the actions of federal bureaucrats during the prior administration.
Democrats are forgetting how they won the Midterms: marketing.
The inexplicable or misbegotten opposition to this president, an opposition that spawned what we will soon understand is the canard of Russian collusion designed to weaken and ultimately to remove him, must not be permitted grievously to undermine our laws and Constitution.
I’d rather an honest, unrepentant jerk than one who is forced into fake, insincere submission.
If Republicans, even those favoring a wall, would place a higher priority on defending the constitutional rights of Congress, they could join with Democrats to revoke the emergency by overriding Trump's veto of the joint resolution.
The United States is a federal Republic. Article VI, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution grants Federal laws supremacy over state and municipal laws.
The allegations in the indictment against Huffman are remarkably similar to a plot line in an episode of the television show in which Huffman starred.
Britain, a latecomer to the wind and solar extravaganza, also experienced skyrocketing electricity prices. From 2004, average domestic energy prices increased 75 percent over a 10 year period.
The scandal of blatant cheating, lying, and other deceptive misconduct for access to places at colleges opens up the question of ways into American college and universities in general.
The Grand Jury and the Inspectors General share a unique independence within the U.S. Government.
Terrorists in Gaza shot two Fajr-5 rockets into Israel. This time, they crossed a red line. This time it became headline news.
I might be slightly less hostile to the Green New Deal, had I not walked home Sunday in a hail storm. Even before the BB-sized bits of ice came shooting down that morning, this winter has been brutal, from Gotham to the Golden Gate.
It is past time we deemphasized sports and entertainment in preference to careers which fulfill our hierarchy of needs for food, clothing, and shelter.
From Presidents throwing out first pitches, to the seventh inning stretch being allegedly invented by President Taft by happenstance, politicos seem to love baseball. But how about the times baseball has shaped public policy?
Nancy Pelosi’s decision to try to remove President Trump through an actual election instead of impeachment turns the focus to the billions of dollars that will be spent on a combination of three-dozen potential presidential candidates.
As if the complete — and inevitable — collapse of Venezuela’s disastrous socialist experiment were not bad enough, the long-suffering population there is now five days into a near-total collapse of its electric grid.
Journalist Timothy P. Carney’s perceptive book "Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse" is actually more about places than alienation.
It’s been said that one of the greatest investments a person can make is in his or her education.
Almost all the Jews I know are Democrats, despite the clearest of clear warnings that the Democratic Party is the party of hatred and fear of Jews. Not all of the Democratic Party, most of whom are fine people. But enough find themselves agreeing with Sharpton and Farrakhan.
Most people misunderstand reading about Augustus and other Roman emperors being worshipped in ancient times.
With the death penalty on its way out, and our movement as strong as it’s ever been, my hope is we won’t be around for CPAC 46 years from now. There will no longer be any need.
In a sudden reversal of fortune, Democrat extremism is putting President Trump and congressional Republicans on sound footing for the 2020 elections.
By ending preferential treatment of the largest credit unions and stopping them from exploiting their nonprofit structures, the NCUA can show it is serious about restoring fairness and common sense, while protecting the original mission of the credit union movement.
I cannot understand how any American can support these radical Democrats.
On Wednesday of this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to President Trump at the White House in a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board.
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