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As a result of the November election, there is now no obstacle between the lunatic left in California’s legislature and its pursuit of utopia here on earth. Well at least a California utopia.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
I have had the great fortune of being around both great managers in baseball and great directors in film and television and it always struck me how similar their jobs are.
When I heard the news that former first lady Michelle Obama “just broke another barrier” (Washington Post) for revealing that she suffered a miscarriage and struggled with infertility — in her recently-released memoir, "Becoming" — I was intrigued.
The business of America is business. Education, in its current form, hurts business. Unless we fix it, we won’t survive.
The holiday season is approaching. Americans will spend billions on new PC’s, tablets, and gaming accessories. Carefully following a few simple steps can ensure the protection of your valuable entertainment investment.
It never ends! The so called Washington, D.C., establishment swamp grows murkier and more deadly with every passing hour!
Speech recognition may be nearly perfect. There’s still room for development, especially as new apps and devices attempt to push the limits of what can be done with the technology. In the coming years, expect more contextual recognition, based on emotions and tone.
We have reached a point where Republicans and Democrats are both capable of tapping into discontent when the other team is in power. Neither party has figured out how to deliver meaningful accomplishments.
Democrats have always kept taxes high, over-regulated business, while offering sweetheart deals to attract new business. By avoiding excessive taxation, business is attracted and grows, job numbers increase, and the economy spikes.
It’s more likely than not that the five men the prosecutor seeks to punish with the ultimate sentence were acting on the crown prince’s orders. How would their deaths count as justice for Khashoggi? The latest indictments show that the crown prince will not be held responsible.
It is safe to say that most people living in Western societies have never heard the alarm that goes off signaling that an incoming rocket is racing towards you and your home. For that, be thankful. It is a horrifying experience. I know, I speak from experience.
Should Republicans go further down the road of working-class populism, perhaps trying to expand its appeal beyond white voters?
The tally continues to tick upwards for those tracking the number of wrongful convictions found on death row.
CNN says that if Trump succeeds in pulling Acosta's press pass, it could have a "chilling" effect. This confrontation is healthy, and the republic will survive if the press loses this fight, which the press itself picked.
There are few ideas that have been as thoroughly tested through history as the notion that trade raises a country's income and living standards. It can also have the effect of creating habits of cooperation, even peace, as it has done in Europe and as it might help do in Asia.
Al-Aqsa is Hamas' main media outlet which, like other Palestinian institutions, offers programs specifically geared to recruiting children to embrace terrorism and become suicide bombers to attack innocent Israeli civilians. The stations also help Hamas communicate with its fighters.
Outgoing Republican Senator Jeff Flake is not leaving the Senate without taking a parting shot at President Trump.
I have asked many times to interview the president, the vice president, and various members of the current administration.
An American ally was under attack this week.
Three weeks ago in this space, I asked whether blacks in Florida would vote for a liberal black candidate over the educational interests of their children.
Thousands of foreign nationals in caravan mode are traveling through Mexico seeking to surge into the United States, en masse, either legally claiming asylum and refugee status or illegally crossing the U.S. border without inspection (8 USC section 1325).
"First Step" criminal justice reform would reduce penalties for certain crimes and shorten sentences for some felons who have perpetrated them. The first step towards a less safe America.
Though many races for Congress were close and some still remain uncalled for the 2018 midterms, much seems missed in the media analysis as well as appraisals by both parties.
The legislation also liberalizes the Securities and Exchange Commission’s "accredited investor" rules to allow middle-class investors who have demonstrated financial expertise to join wealthy venture capitalists in investing in high-growth private companies.
Instead of writing about the limousine liberals who are so rich they make the Trump cabinet look like paupers, the press has been obsessing about how a newly elected congresswoman from the Bronx, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, can’t afford to rent a place in Washington.
President Trump has not received adequately grateful recognition for withdrawing from the Paris climate accord and effectively scuttling the Clean Power Plan.
The purpose of the rules and procedures of the special counsel is to keep that office insulated from politics, immune from the political power of the people the office is investigating, and substantially within the professional judgment of politically independent prosecutors at DOJ.
The most common question that viewers, listeners, and readers ask me is why I became both a psychologist and a lawyer.
I’ve written before about the nefarious influence of Saul Alinsky, the radical leader and community organizer from Chicago. Though he died in 1972, his ideas are anything but dead. William Penn warned us, "Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants."
If the president loses the First Lady, it’s game over. Yet Donald Trump has come so unhinged that he let the legitimate concerns of Melania explode into a public rebuke of him.
In the aftermath of the midterm elections, as the dust begins to settle, I keep wondering why Christians would “roll over and play dead” at the polls?
We have many homes but one of my favorites is in Malibu right in the path of the fire and we have not heard a word about it for four days.
It’s one thing for an editorialist to opine that a particular campaign ad is racist. It’s quite another for front line, so called “objective” reporters to state it as a fact. But that is exactly what reporters did in the case of the Republican ad on the immigrant caravan.
Since the most frequent reason for ID laws is to advantage one political party, and since complying with the conditions imposed by the courts would destroy this advantage, repeal of these unneeded laws could be welcome outcome in most states.
Love, caring, support, and family unity do exist. When you see things working well within a family, as in life itself, it can make you feel much better about the world in which we live.
Whether by choice or lack thereof, many European leaders are childless. As long as the ego drives, the attempts of European leaders will do more harm than good.
Identity politics, in all forms, are getting blown out of the water. Traditional assumptions no longer apply, and those adhering to them will reap the consequences.
Democrats’ desire for investigation, not legislation, will not bring down Trump. Pursuing their revenge fantasies will only prove they are not ready to rationally govern. Nov. 3, 2020 will be another day of reckoning.
Is it normal to threaten millions of people with starvation if their leaders refuse to bow down to U.S. demands? Is the neoconservative obsession with regime change normal behavior? Is training and arming al-Qaida in Syria to overthrow Assad normal?
He was a man of ideas always eager to hear the ideas of others. His prodigious knowledge of background information and his ready access to people operating at the highest levels of government, policy, and academia never dimmed the eagerness he felt as a student.
"Where there is no cure there is care." Everyone has an Alzheimer’s story, and we can all do more to help fight this terrible disease.
The strategy for both Democrats and the GOP to remember is, always be branding. This means assessing what the voter wants, and is demanding. In this election cycle, it was healthcare. The party best understanding this integral marketing imperative will win future elections.
Brands engaged with social issues they care about or consider important isn’t entirely objectionable — as long as such engagement is genuine and not occurring solely due to the seeking of profits.
Crenshaw was the object of vicious "SNL" ridicule, when, during the "Weekend Update" segment of the show, Davidson, displayed a picture of him with his eye patch intact.
Perhaps the biggest midterms takeaway is to expect that while next couple of turbulent years will continue to strain bounds of political civility, there is a good side. Those contentious passions also reflect a deeply shared love of country.
The lesson from the midterm elections is that money matters, and Republicans need to match or exceed the political fundraising ability of Democrats in order to re-elect President Trump and a Republican Congress. 
The Republicans only have themselves to blame. Years of insouciant leaderships, mismanagement, arrogance, incompetence, and corruption have reduced them to a politically impotent force in New York politics.
This is the analysis from our post-election poll. For 2020 with so many Democrats now in districts and states that President Trump won, it is time to broaden our message and base and go back to playing offense against the Pelosi, big government Democrats.
Hopefully, the administration’s initiatives will also support the initiatives of Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who sponsored important legislation in the NDAA, directing the Pentagon to provide a plan to build a space based interceptor system.
Who is to blame? Were the mental-health professionals second-guessing themselves, and doing so because they were afraid of possible litigation in the event they did hold Long for 72 hours?
With control of redistricting at stake in the 2020 elections, New York Republicans are out of time. Either they get their act together in a hurry or they go extinct for a generation to come.
There are three reasons why the GOP did better than expected on Election Day: Trump, Trump and Kavanaugh.
Here’s the raw truth about Tuesday’s election: the winners and losers. You might be surprised.
Science can be defined as the means by which future events are correctly predicted.
Republicans should use their remaining power until 2019. Democrats will scream, but they always do.
The midterm elections gave a split decision. The Republicans grew the Senate majority, held key governorships, and beat back an avalanche of California money trying to buy the election.
Perhaps the best election news is the uptick in pro-life senators. President Trump will now have an easier time getting judges appointed who are not given to discovering rights that are nowhere mentioned in the Constitution.
It had been the hot story for two years. Donald Trump had conspired with the Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election. He had snatched it right out of the jaws of Hillary Clinton.
What makes a bowl of ice cream after a bad day seem like such a great idea? Research reveals the answer has to do with both mood and food.
All in all, there is no need for undue concern, even though your stainless steel tea kettle may be radioactive; the level will be so low that no harm would come to you.
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