Two Thirds of Sunscreen Products Provide Inferior Protection
With summer approaching, Americans will be spending lots of time outdoors grilling and chilling. But is the sunscreen they are using safe?... [Full Story]
FDA OKs $2M Medicine, Most Expensive Ever
U.S. regulators have approved the most expensive medicine ever, a [Full Story]
Dr. Oz: The Dangers of Black Market Insulin
The Dr. Oz Show discovered that some of the drugs in highest demand [Full Story]
Diabetes & High BP Will Harm You - This 1 Secret Natural Fix Revealed
SPONSOR: Big pharma is furious! They dont want you to know about this! [Full Story]
People With Bipolar Disorder 7 Times More Likely to Develop Parkinson's
Struggling with bipolar disorder is hard enough, but now a new study [Full Story]
Bacterial Link to Strokes Found
Bacteria commonly seen in the mouth has been found in the brains of [Full Story]
Study: Unfiltered Cigarettes Are the Most Deadly
There is no such thing as a safe cigarette, but unfiltered cigarettes [Full Story]
Wall Street Legend Issues Strong Buy Alert
SPONSOR: The market for this tech is set to surge 76,000% in industry [Full Story]
New Supplement Boosts Your Energy
Do you ever wish you did not feel tired halfway through the day and [Full Story]
Huckabee Warns Christians in America
SPECIAL: The left-wing activists are attempting to tear down our [Full Story]
Shocking Report Reveals What A Single Diet Soda Does
SPONSOR: Why is this food additive banned in Europe but not the U.S.? [Full Story]
Sleep Apnea Raises Risk of Cancer for Women
Some people with sleep apnea have an increased risk of cancer, and [Full Story]
7 Ways Your Diet Can Increase Cancer Risk
A new study published in the JNCI Cancer Spectrum reveals your diet [Full Story]

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