George Mentz

Jun 5, 2019
After many years of unemployment and war, the U.S. economy has made a dramatic comeback. The credit can only be given to a promised rollback of the tax and regulatory schemes implemented from 1993 until Donald Trump was elected.

Apr 29, 2019
Only time will tell as the education markets are changing dramatically, but if you are determined to send your kids to great schools for socialization and education, start saving early and contribute to 529 plans, pre-paid plans, or other government recognized plans dedicated to education.

Apr 11, 2019
Generally speaking, you can go to your favorite financial adviser before April 15 and open a qualifying retirement account with relative ease.

Apr 9, 2019
With this colossal mistake in judgment, the large number of Democrat Party-approved judges who decided to retire in the fall of 2016 created one of the gigantic political mishaps in our nation’s history.

Apr 8, 2019
Overall, the U.S. and its citizens have probably been a “majority-minority” and “minority diverse” for several hundred years or from the beginning

Apr 3, 2019
Why the 2020 presidential election will be difficult for the Trump opposition.

Feb 20, 2019
What Ivy League Schools Don’t Teach About Capitalism

Jan 29, 2019
With Bernie Sanders and others advertising socialist tax policy, these billionaires may inadvertently convince the public to boost taxes on the super wealthy in the form of “wealth protection taxes” or “idle asset taxes.”

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