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Intelligence is just another illusion!

Questsin is part of a hobby research project devoted to Artificial Intelligence.  What is available on Questsin is recent and constantly evolving in a perpetual beta state. Motivation behind Questsin is to explore untraditional approaches to Artificial Intelligence.

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 Query by example    Thesaurus Query by example - Brain storm, Dictionary, Glossary, Ideas, Keywords, Knowledge Base, Repository, Reference, Tags, Thesaurus similar to Microsoft Excel Fill Data feature
  Popular Queries  Popular Queries by Category
  XML/RSS API Free XML / RSS Application Interface for third parties
  Downloads  An Excel Add In Enhancing the Fill Data feature
 Mindpixelquestsin Fast and Easy IQ Test The original Mindpixel project has been inspirational and the basis for the new  Mindpixelquestsin Project.  The variation is to allow the system to auto generate the postulates and let the end users come to a consensus as to the correct answer via the frame work of an IQ Test. - All about questsin -
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