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Feb 14, 2019
Thirty-four percent will give their significant other an evening out and spend a collective $3.5 billion. Gifts will include $2.1 billion spent on clothing, $1.9 billion on flowers, $1.8 billion on candy.

Feb 13, 2019
Interest in the nation’s first treasury secretary soared recently thanks to the Broadway hit, "Hamilton". That show debuted in 2015.

Feb 12, 2019
A survey found that younger voters are much more alarmed than their elders. Forty-four percent of voters under 35 believe it’s the nation’s most serious threat.

Feb 8, 2019
A USA Today analysis notes that the number of collisions has increased dramatically over the past decade. Many reasons have been given for the increase, including faster and quieter planes.

Feb 7, 2019
The share of the U.S. Hispanic population that is foreign-born grew from 14 percent in 1960 to 40 percent in 2000. Since the turn of the century, however, it has reversed course.

Feb 6, 2019
Political moderates are a bit less likely than either conservatives or liberals to believe their representative is the best person for the job.

Feb 5, 2019
Virgin Trains USA LLC, currently operates a rail line between Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida. Bloomberg News says it is "the first major private intercity rail service built in more than a century."

Feb 4, 2019
A national survey found that 87 percent disagree and believe every relationship and organization, including families, businesses, and civic groups, plays a role in governing society.

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