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Questsin's Add In for Microsoft® Excel® FREE Add In for Microsoft® Excel® works similar to the "Fill Data" feature in Microsoft® Excel®. Both features are independent and can co-exist.

While Microsoft® Excel®'s built in "Fill Data" works well with some dates, numeric linear/series sequences and fixed captions, can expand any list. (screenshot)

The accuracy is directly proportional to the samples it is given. 5 samples give fairly good results. The list is generated with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms against web crawler/spidered data. As more information is crawled, the service is improved.

To use Add-In you must be online.

 Get it from CNET!

Questsin's Browser Toolbar Buttons's FREE Browser Toolbar buttons allow you to seed Questsin data for future use via the Web or  Questsin Add In for Microsoft® Excel®.

Drag this link: post to Questsin up to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

To use this button,

  1. simply highlight any single list or comma delimited text you would like to seed or reuse in the future.

  2. click on the post to Questsin button.

  3. Your web browser will post the list at Questsin and return you to the current page. It's that easy!

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System Requirements
Microsoft Windows XP/ Office 2000 or later

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